Youth Initiatives

Community Health Youth Initiatives (CHYI) offer life skills for healthy living and working. Programs also provide training and support for people working with youth.

CHYI works with partners to improve the health of the community. With a commitment to racial justice and health equity, programs focus on leadership development, social justice and civic engagement. 

Community Based Programs


Develop leadership and advocacy skills while learning about mental health and substance use prevention. Provide peer education and be a voice for teens in Everett. Join today!

Earn community service hours and connect with teens across the state on important issues around substance use, mental health and more. Founded in 2005 as Teens In Everett Against Substance Abuse, the group’s core values are: Youth, Community, Leadership and Advocacy.

Activities Include:

  • Educate and advocate for the health and wellbeing of youth at the local and state level, engage elected officials to strengthen policies to improve community health
  • Outreach campaigns to educate parents and other adults in the community about alcohol access and policies to reduce youth use
  • Participate in statewide coalitions like and Teens Leading the Way that address tobacco prevention, criminal justice reform, youth jobs, and more
  • Work across sectors and in partnership with city leadership, departments, community organizations and other youth groups to address health equity and racial justice
  • Volunteer at community events
  • 2020 recipient of The 84 Movement's Peer Outreach Award


Find your voice through photography. Develop your leadership skills and learn how to be an advocate. You’ll learn about problem gambling prevention, health equity and local resources in the community.

PhotoVoice Participant -- Betania -- shared her submission below with the image to the right

The Everett Teen Health Center is located at the end of the Everett High building. This modest yet ingenious space has become a safe sanctuary for the numerous Everett High students. This section provides treatments ranging from physicals to vaccines, mental health assessments and assistance, reproductive care, and education. It's all there; just select a time that works for you and they'll welcome you with open arms. I believe this is the finest addition to Everett High, and many others are also grateful for its presence.

In-School and Out-Of-School Programs

CHA’s Sexual and Reproductive Health program leads school-based programming in Everett and Somerville for both in-school and out-of-school time.

Training and Professional Development

Everett Youth Worker Network strives to build a collaborative community. The Network supports the healthy development and social and emotional wellbeing of youth while also building the professional development of caring supportive adults; including community and school-based personnel. 

Youth Mental Health First Aid is designed to teach parents, family members, caregivers, teachers, school staff, peers, neighbors, health and human services workers, and other caring adults how to help people with mental health or substance use problems or who are in crisis.

Paid Internships and Mentoring Support for Youth and Young Adults

  • Youth Mental Health and Wellness Summer Internship: learn about the field of health, connect with providers, community resources and receive education and training

  • Vaccination Internship: Provides education, outreach and support for community-based mobile clinics

  • Ask about more opportunities

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Phone: 617-806-8776


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