Behavioral Health Access & Crisis Services (CBHC)

Behavioral Health Urgent Care
and 24 Hour Access Line: 833-222-2030

We are proud to offer expert care for urgent behavioral health needs at our Community Behavioral Health Centers (CBHC). Please call or visit us today.  

Reminder: Please call 9-1-1 in an emergency.

Behavioral Health Urgent Care

CHA Cambridge Hospital
1493 Cambridge Street, Cambridge
First Floor, Cahill Building


CHA Malden Care Center
195 Canal Street, Malden
Second Floor


Monday-Friday: 8 am to 8 pm
Saturday-Sunday: 9 am to 5 pm
Closed major holidays

About our Services:

The Behavioral Health Urgent Care is a walk-in service for people of all ages.

When you visit us you will get an assessment to identify any behavioral health issues and treatment needs. You will receive recommendations for treatment that might include:

  • Medication Consultation and Management
  • Self-help apps with guidance from a Peer Specialist
  • Support groups
  • Meetings with a Recovery Coach, Peer Specialist, or Family Support Specialist
  • Individual and/or group therapy
  • Hospital treatment for people in extreme crisis

24-hour Access Line

Call 833-222-2030

CHA offers 24-hour phone services to support mental health needs and connect people to care.

You can call us any time of the day or night for support and advice for urgent mental health needs.

These may include anger, depression, suicidal thoughts, emotional outbursts, substance use, and other urgent or crisis situations.  

CHA Behavioral Health Urgent Care

CHA Cambridge Hospital
First floor, Cahill Building
1493 Cambridge Street
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States 02139


CHA Behavioral Health Urgent Care

CHA Malden Care Center
195 Canal Street
2nd Floor
Malden, MA 02148



About the Community Behavioral Health Center (CBHC)

Community Behavioral Health Centers are part of a new initiative in Massachusetts to make it easier for people to get help for mental health and substance use needs. The program is a key milestone in the implementation of the Mass. Roadmap for Behavioral Health Reform and the commitment to improving access to behavioral health treatment.

People who need mental health and substance use services are able to find timely, high-quality and evidence-based care at CBHC sites. This includes routine appointments, urgent visits, and 24/7 community-based crisis services.

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