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While your health is our top priority, many CHA clinics currently have staffing shortages because of COVID-19. This may cause delays in answering phones and responding to your messages. Thank you for your patience.

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Dental Care

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Due to COVID-19, CHA Dental is only seeing patients with Emergency needs Monday-Friday 8 am - 5 pm.

Dental Care for All

You only get one set of teeth - we help you take care of them.

School, work and family can make it hard to find time for the dentist. You may also be a little nervous. That’s OK. We understand.

At CHA, we want to make dental care easy. Our offices in Cambridge provide a wide range of services for all ages. You can find everything from routine cleanings to dentures. We also offer evening hours and have a children-only clinic once weekend a month.

Your Care at its Best

Making You Smile

It doesn’t matter how long it’s been since you’ve been to the dentist. When you visit us, we’ll treat you with respect and give your teeth and gums what they need. If you speak a language other than English, we can provide interpreters. Some members of our team also speak multiple languages.

The Big Picture

There’s a link between your teeth and gums and your overall health, especially if you have diabetes, heart disease or cancer. At CHA, we consider the “big picture”. If you get medical care at CHA, we can view your whole medical history, including any prescriptions you’re taking. This helps us understand the whole you. Of course, no matter where you get care, we’ll stay in touch with your providers as needed.

Dental Training

CHA is a teaching site for the Harvard School of Dental Medicine and other local schools. People come here to learn about research and techniques in oral health. Our residents frequently provide dental services and education to children and adults through community events and programs.

Find out what makes CHA Dental Services special

Getting dental care at CHA is about caring for the whole you. Our dentists connect your oral health to your overall health, ensuring that your complete healthcare needs are met. Whether you need a teeth cleaning or dentures, our program offers the full spectrum of dental services. Meet CHA Dental Services staff and hear from a patient in this video.

Your Dental Health Care Team

Your Dental Health Care Team


Find a doctor and medical care team that you can trust at CHA. Learn more about our expert dental providers in our directory.

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Services We Offer

  • Dental exams
  • Preventive care and cleanings
  • Fillings
  • Crowns
  • Bridges
  • Dentures (complete and partial)
  • Anterior root canals
  • Oral Health instruction
  • Oral surgery
  • Restorative treatments

Conditions We Treat

Dental pain

Where You Can Find Us

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