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  • Jun 21, 2017

CHA Women's Health in Revere Delivers

Andrew was snuggled in his car seat at Carlin's feet.

He quietly slept through his older brother’s endearing attempt to peak through the cotton curtain covering. Carlin, who is Andrew and Dylan's mother, gently redirected her older son and started adjusting the sleeves on his carefully pressed red shirt. Dylan is a remarkably well behaved two-and-a-half year-old. He was born at CHA Cambridge Hospital, as was his newborn brother, but it’s the pre and postnatal care at the CHA Women’s Health, Revere Care Center location that his mother wanted to focus on first.

"Everyone told me to come to CHA in Revere for my pregnancy care," Carlin explained with a big smile. "I like the atmosphere, the special attention and it’s close to home. And everyone is so nice."

Carlin's second pregnancy was easy compared to her first. Dylan's umbilical cord was attached laterally to the placenta instead of centrally. She had to visit monthly to make sure the pregnancy was progressing normally. "At each visit, my provider reassured me and said everything was going to be OK," Carlin said. "My prenatal care was great with both pregnancies. My nurse, Sylvia, and my doula, Enedina, made me feel so comfortable. I feel that they are family to me."

While Carlin speaks English well, she is more comfortable communicating in Spanish, her primary language. But with many bilingual staff and providers at CHA Women's Health in Revere, patients like Carlin always feel heard.

Whenever she saw providers who didn't speak Spanish, she was able to access an interpreter (CHA offers professional medical interpreters in sixty languages) and she always received written information in Spanish to make sure she understood every part of her pregnancies.

Carlin was determined to have natural childbirths, which her providers respected and supported. "If I had a question, they got back to me right away. They gave me the incentive to continue and suggested ways to control the pain." She attended CHA's free childbirth classes during her first pregnancy and felt they really helped both her deliveries. "The doctor always explained everything that was happening and fortunately there were no major complications."

Carlin, a resident of Revere, is happily adjusting to her new addition with the help of her mother-in-law, another long-time Revere resident. The family is looking forward to raising their children here and will continue using the CHA Revere Care Center for all their healthcare needs – including the beautiful new Women's Health offices on the first floor

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