Community Health Advisory Council (CHAC)

The Community Health Advisory Council (CHAC) is a venue for community members, patients, and CHA staff to participate in advancing CHA’s Regional Wellbeing Assessment and Implementation Strategy cycle.

Members engage in collaboration, continuous learning, advising, and monitoring related to community health strategies and actions.

Our work together

The CHAC meets 4 times per year.

We share information, resources, and skills.

We build connections and relationships.

We evaluate progress related to the Wellbeing Assessment and Implementation Strategy.

We discuss feedback and recommendations on community health projects and activities.

We raise awareness about health issues impacting the community; advocate for equitable access to care, services, and information; and support policies that advance community wellbeing.

We collaborate to address emerging community health issues.

Our principles

Inclusion of under-represented voices in leadership and decision-making
Language justice
Environments that promote collective care and healing

CHAC Membership

CHAC members bring diverse lived experiences, areas of expertise, and knowledge. Members represent communities throughout CHA’s service area.

Anna Bury Carmer

City of Chelsea  Sr. Community Resilience Program Manager

Karen Colón Hayes

City of Malden  CIty Councillor-At-Large

Mary DeCourcey

Mount Auburn Hospital  Director, Community Benefits

Myrlande DesRosiers

Everett Haitian Community Center  Director

Nicole Fina

Everett Community Growers  Civic Engagement and Advocacy Manager

Annie Fowler

Somerville-Cambridge Elder Services  Chief Program Officer

Josée Genty

Everett Community Growers  Site Coordinator

Sophie Greenebaum

City of Medford, Health Department  MVPHC Prevention Coordinator

Naomi Gross   

City of Somerville, Office of Sustainability & Environment  Community Engagement Specialist

Kate Jenkins-Sullivan

City of Everett  Sustainability Planner

Samantha Lambert

Massachusetts Sierra Club  Political and Municipal Organizer

Jaime Lederer

Cambridge Health Alliance  Director, Community Health Youth Initiatives

Marcia Manong

Bread of Life  Office Manager

Elena Martinez

City of Malden  Language Access Coordinator

Lucy Pineda

Latinos Unidos en Massachusetts (LUMA)  Executive Director

Elvira Pinjic

Joint Commission for Children's Healthcare in Everett (JCCHCE)  Executive Director

Lisa Robinson

City of Somerville, Office of Food Access & Healthy Communities  Director

Laura Rosi

Housing Families Inc.  Chief Executive Officer

Maria Lourdes Silva

Brazilian Women's Group  Board Member and Community Member

Emily Sullivan

City of Somerville, Office of Sustainability & Environment  Climate Change Program Manager

Heather Van Orman

Housing Families Inc  Associate Director of Homelessness Prevention and Legal Services

Marissa Zampino

Mystic River Watershed Association  Community Organizer

Joining the CHAC

Please contact Renée Cammarata Hamilton (Director, Health Improvement Team) to learn more about joining the CHAC.

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