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  • Nov 23, 2016

Worried about delicate topics at the Thanksgiving dinner table?

Thoughtful essay on strategies that folks can use when addressing tricky subjects, especially politics.

Patricia Harney, PhD, Cambridge Health Alliance’s Interim Chief of Psychology, recently penned a timely, and thoughtful essay for WBUR/Commonhealth on strategies that folks can use when addressing tricky subjects, especially politics, in mixed company over the Thanksgiving holiday.

“Divisions lay at the heart of suffering in this post-election season. Connection is the only antidote,” writes Dr. Harney. “While that sounds simple, finding ways to create a sense of connection is not. My own family, like those of many, is no longer mono-ethnic, mono-religious, mono-political. For the longest time, I have been moved to see how in three generations, my four Irish and French Canadian immigrant grandparents have peopled a family that is now infused with ties to Judaism and Islam, with grand and great grandchildren who are Indian, Latin, Asian as well as Northern European.”

Click here to read here the full essay.

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